Net A Porter with Kimai to Present Lab-Growed Diamonds to the World

Kimai will be the first brand of lab-grown diamonds presented on Net-a-Porter.

Worn by the Duchess of Sussex and actress Emma Watson, Kimai uses solar-generated laboratory diamonds to create high-quality jewelery with minimal impact on humans and the environment.

Lab-grown diamonds are chemically and physically equivalent to mined diamonds, but Kimai notes that mining one diamond disturbs 250 tons of dirt.

The jewelry business will be releasing its bestsellers, including diamond nail piercings, hoarding rings and necklaces, on Net-a-Porter on May 27. Prices range between 195 and 1,675 pounds/255 and 1,995 dollars.

Jessica Warch, Kimai co-founder, posted the following comment on the addition of Net-a-Porter as stockist: “Having the mark of approval and approval from a worldwide retailer and early adopter such as Net-a-Porter is the demand for lab-grown diamonds. on the rise.

“We are delighted to be the first brand in this exciting new category and this provides us with an important boost in continuing to prove that traceability is the ultimate luxury in fine jewellery.”

Lea Cranfield, Head of Purchasing and Sales at Net-a-Porter, said, “We are delighted to introduce Kimai, an Antwerp-based jewelery company, at Net-a-Porter. Jessica and Sidney make the fine jewelery business a brand that is both contemporary and timeless. Delicate pieces are ideal for layering and will add timeless appeal to everyday jewelery collections.”

Kimai diamonds are produced using the latest technology that simulates natural growing conditions in the laboratory. This results in diamonds that are chemically and physically similar to mined diamonds.

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