What Are the Top 25 Luxury Jewelers in New York City?

History is proof that gold, silver or other precious stones existed either as a memory expression or as a status symbol. It’s remarkable how far we’ve come in modernizing jewelry. Jewelery is no longer just pieces of gemstones and materials, it is art.

Jewels are now worn to symbolize relationships, situation or memory of some event or person. There are thousands of businesses trying to please their customers with the products they produce, and many of them have opened stores in what is probably the world’s most iconic city, New York. But only a few have made it into the good books of customers, and here are the top 25:

1. Tiffany & Company:

Source : http://www.my-lifestyle-news.com/2019/07/tiffany-co-believe-in-true-love-campaign.html

The story begins with the opening of the most iconic jewelry store in New York in 1837. They have an extraordinary history as proof of their quality and status. Their store at 37 Wall Street, New York, 10005 offers innovative jewelry alongside heritage that will never be forgotten. Tiffany & Co. always comes to mind when it comes to jewellery. income.

2. Cartier:

Source : https://www.flickr.com/photos/eggs0789/5842109448

We cannot emphasize enough how much Cartier has influenced the jewelery world. Probably the most luxurious jewelery production in the world passes through the hands of the masters at Cartier. Their store at 653 Fifth Avenue, New York, is most notable with another store at 20 Hudson Yards.

3. Bulgari:

This brand is known not only in the world of jewelry, but in all areas of luxury. With 130 years of experience in luxury products, Bulgari’s jewelry division excels in quality and standards. Their store stands at 730, Fifth Avenue, New York.

4. Greenwich St Jewellers:

Source : pinterest.com

Variety is one of Greenwich St.’s strong teams. They have a large collection of all kinds of jewelery such as rings, bracelets and rings. There are also special design decorations available for purchase. Personalization is also an option in this store, where the customer can change and set their preferences on a piece. Their store welcomes you at 64 Trinity Place, New York.

5. Lauren B:

Source : https://www.laurenbjewelry.com/about.html

Lauren B has earned her reputation and status by making custom jewellery, engagement rings and rings with clients from all over the world. She is highly appreciated by her customers and is more and more welcomed around the clock. Their store is located at 44 East 46th street, New York, 10017. Its huge popularity puts a hefty price tag on its pieces, making it a mark of luxury.

6. Aaron Faber:

Source : https://www.elitetraveler.com/shopping-lifestyle/an-evening-with-patricia-edward-faber-aaron-faber-gallerys-40th-anniversary

This store’s specialty is classic and vintage style jewelry pieces. This shop also helps restore and repair old jewelry pieces. A store like this is rarely found anywhere, especially in New York, but Aaron Faber and his jewelry provide their customers with premium quality and delivery. Its store is at 666 5th Avenue, New York, 10103.

7. SoHo Gem:

Source : https://in.pinterest.com/sohogem/diamond-engagement-rings/

This store was opened in 1998 in Soho, the heart of Manhattan’s mall, by two extremely creative and dynamic sisters. They cover a niche market, as the jewelry they sell cannot be afforded by everyone and luxury especially means exclusivity, this store is perfect for their customers. They make custom wedding rings, and their boutique at 367 West Broadway, New York, 10013 has all kinds of gems and gems.

8. Van Cleef Arpels:

Source : https://klitonceku.com/jewelry/20

Van Cleef Arpels produces exquisite jewelry from all kinds of precious stones with its experience and craftsmanship of over 100 years. It has pieces that tell stories and history. Its pieces are world-renowned for their elegance and quality. They help ensure that their client’s event or celebration is not forgotten. Its stores are located at 744 Fifth Avenue, New York, 10019 and 20 Hudson Yards, Suite 131B, New York, 10001.

9. Buccellati:

Source : pinterest.com

Buccellati’s name should be enough for anyone to buy their products, but the caliber and quality of their jewelry is overwhelming. Buccellati is an Italian brand that offers the most prestigious jewelery to be found. Their broad heritage of quality appeals to many people, but their exclusivity remains intact. It has multiple stores in New York, the most prominent being at 714 Madison Avenue, New York, 10065.

10. Piaget:

Source : https://www.adsoftheworld.com/media/print/piaget_perfection_in_life_1

Their jewelery is admired and appreciated all over the world. Piaget is one of the most famous jewelers in the world. Beauty oozes from its pieces that keep customers coming back to their stores for more. These clients include A-list celebrities and business people. Words cannot do justice to the art made in his works. Its boutiques are all over New York, but 20 Hudson Yards, New York, 10001 is the most notable.

11. NYC Luxury: 

Source : https://www.yelp.com/biz/nyc-luxury-new-york-2

This store represents both New York and luxury. The music industry’s top artists make their own massive jewels. They make heavy necklaces filled with diamonds and precious stones of the most original designs supported by the finest chains. They also make various types of earrings and rings. Their store is at 30 West 47th Street, New York, 10036.

12. Chopard:

Source : https://www.fraserhart.co.uk/brands/chopard

Although this shop started as a watchmaker in the 19th century, Chopard offers exquisite jewelry that enchants its buyers. Chopard is one of the most expensive jewelry brands in the world. Its heritage and antiquity is enough to justify this price. Chopard’s beauty and innovation amaze customers. Their boutique is at 611 5th Avenue, New York, 10022.

13. Graff:

Source : https://www.graff.com/ Famous-diamonds/

Responsible for mining and cutting possibly the most unique and oldest diamonds in the world, Graff offers its customers absolute authenticity and beauty that will last for years to come. Their jewelery is world famous and very easily recognized. Luxury exudes from this unique brand. Their store is located at 710 Madison Avenue, New York, 10065.

14. De Beers:

Source : https://www.debeersgroupservices.com/zh-cn/news/de-beers-group-industry-services-collaboration-wit

De Beers has a nearly monopoly on the mining and processing of diamonds. De Beers is by far the largest diamond producer in the world. In their jewelry pieces, they provide absolute authentic and genuine in-house produced diamonds, appreciating both the value and the beauty of the piece. Their store is between 716 Madison Avenue, 63rd and 64th Street, New York, 10065.


Source : https://www.etsy.com/nz/shop/VeraMeat | https://www.verameat.com/products/dino-claw-hugs

Innovation and uniqueness are a great virtue at VERAMEAT. Her jewelry is made from recycled silver and pure 14k gold. Each design is handmade and tells a different story. Customers love the originality and exclusivity of their products. Its pieces are quite wearable and intricate in their design. Their stores are at 315 East, 9th Street, New York, 10003.

16. Pomellato:
Source : https://www.venetianmacao.com/shopping/shoppes/jewellery-and-watches.html

The pomellato represents timeless art that can be iconic for generations. Pomellato provides its customers with mastery of masterful Italian craftsmanship and pieces. They have over 100 artisans in Milan making one-of-a-kind jewellery. Pomellato guarantees uniqueness and beauty in its products. Their boutique is at 741 Madison Avenue, New York.

17. Mikimoto:
Source : https://nagijewelers.com/collections/mikimoto?page=2

If pearls and white gold jewelry are what you’re looking for, Mikimoto is their one-stop destination. Their pursuit of excellence in creating the world’s first cultured pearl arose more than a century ago. Since then, they have been providing the world with top quality jewelery designs. They combine elegance with timelessness. Mikimoto has only four stores worldwide, one at 730 5Th Avenue, New York, 10019.

18. The Natural Sapphire Company:

Source : https://www.thenaturalsapphirecompany.com/

Customization and personalization is a huge feature in NSC. They make rings from various types of gold. Different colours, different carats and grades and different mix percentages to give their customers absolute discretion as to how they want their pieces to be. The Sapphire collection is one of the largest in the world making them extremely special stones. This luxury can be experienced at 6 East 45th Street, 20th floor penthouse, New York, 10017.

19. Gurhan Atelier:

Source : https://gurhan.com/pages/john-varvatos-x-gurhan-mens-jewelry

Gürhan believes that the way the jewelry is presented should be as beautiful as the jewelry itself. One must visit 160 Franklin Street, 1st floor, New York, 10013 to experience their warm hospitality in their highly iconic brick-walled shop, the landmark of the eclectic district. They offer a wide variety of designs for their clients. to pamper.

20. Mociun:

Source : https://mociun.com/pages/about

Mociun is a fine jewelery brand known for its one-of-a-kind and custom-made pieces made of rare and unusual diamonds and gemstones. Their jewelery is handmade in New York by experienced artisans. Colorful designs and clean geometric jewelery are their strength. You can experience it at 683 Driggs Avenue, New York, 11211.

21. Broken English:

Source : https://ny.racked.com/2015/2/12/8019779/broken-english

Broken English offers unique designer jewelery in its stores along with its unique name. They are known for their wide variety of jewelry made by various designers from all over the world. Jewelry is an extraordinary compliment to the person who wears it. You can visit them at 56 Crosby Street, New York, 10012.


22. R&R Jewelers:

Source : https://in.pinterest.com/randrjewelers/

R&R is owned by two brothers who opened a store in New York’s diamond district in 1985. The superior craftsmanship and reliability of their products are well known. Their values ​​and traditions make every customer feel valued and valued. You really feel at home when you visit their store at 26 West, 47th Street, New York, 10036.


23. Fitzgerald Jewelry:

Source : https://www.brideandblossom.com/blog/interview-with-michael-fitzgerald-george-plionis-designers-of-til-death-do-us-part-wedding-jewelry/

This store not only sells jewelry, but also customizes and repairs all kinds of pieces. Not only that, appointments can be made from their studio to learn how to work with jewellery and restore their own pieces. This stands out for their clients and helps their situation. You can visit them at 243 Grand Street, Brooklyn, New York, 11211.

24. Marisa Perry:

Source : pinterest.com

Marisa Perry is a big name in the jewelery world because of her amazing designs in many different types of pieces. By designing one’s own pieces, one can make them extremely personal and exclusive. You can also purchase unique pieces created by their craftsmen. Their store is at 636 Hudson Street, New York, 10014.



25. Harry Winston:

Source : https://www.royist.com/brands/jewelry-harry-winston-high-jewelry-american-heritage/

Harry Winston recently launched the New York Collection, which pays homage to its founder. Their designs make them feel connected to the brand and bring a certain warmth to the carrier. Diamond collections should be experienced by those who want to live in exquisite and luxurious jewellery. You can experience this luxury at 701 5th Avenue, New York, 10022.

This list consists of brands and jewelers from all over the world who provide all types of jewellery. Designers and artisans work hard to make the jewelry offered in their boutiques and stores. In these stores, everyone can immerse himself in the world of luxury. New York helps represent these jewelers internationally and makes itself a jewel of the world.


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