108 Foot Sport Yacht SP110 by Zuccon International Project for Sanlorenzo

The SP110 is the first model in Sanlorenzo’s new SP – SMART Performance series. The 108-metre yacht was designed by Bernardo and Martina Zuccon of architectural and industrial design firm Zuccon International Project, in collaboration with Tilli Antonelli, Sanlorenzo’s development and product manager responsible for this new yacht series, and Piero Lissoni, who designed it. interior. The carbon and fiberglass SP110 has a minimalist look. The air intakes are concealed by a design element that overlaps the curve of the glass. The bow has a slot where the anchor can be lowered and raised, but the anchor is completely invisible.

The yacht’s daily space consists of two different levels that communicate via a split-height system. The stern is exposed to water. The design form produced a terrace that stretches over the lake and hides the technical components of the staircase and walkway. Additionally, the cockpit opens to reveal steps leading to the beach and ocean.

The SP110 was created to transform a high-performance powerboat into a model of energy efficiency and technology.

This was achieved by using lightweight materials and selecting electrical components with a very high energy class. A unique body with geometric features improves the friction coefficient of water. The boat will provide a range of engines and greatly improved performance. Additional Information on the Zuccon International Project
Gianni and Paola Zuccon presented their first idea, the Technema 65, built for the Posillipo shipyard, at the 1978 Genoa International Boat Show. The victory exceeded all expectations. Since then, Zuccon International Project has grown into one of the world’s leading yachting companies. Today, the company is internationally renowned for its work in various design sectors, transforming its interdisciplinary approach into its greatest strength. The success of the firm, which is now led by the next generation Martina and Bernardo Zuccon, is based on their capacity to embody their corporate identity and develop long-term links with their customers with the goal of stable product development.

Source: zuccointernationalproject.com

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