Swiss Luxury Watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Hokusai ‘Amida Falls’ Enamel Tribute

Reverso Tribute Enamel Hokusai ‘Amida Waterfall’, created by Swiss luxury watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre, is a tribute to the 19th century ukiyo-e art by Japanese painter and printer Katsushika Hokusai. Amida Falls in the Far Extends of the Kisokaid Road (Kisoji no Oku Amida-ga-taki), the artist’s most famous work of his 1833–34 series of eight woodblock prints entitled Tour of the Falls in Various Provinces, has been reproduced in miniature. on the back of the case of the new watch (Shokoku taki meguri). The dial is decorated with guillochage and Grand Feu enamel.

Honoring a Great Japanese Master

Hokusai was one of a small group of Japanese artists in the 19th century who transformed the age-old technique of woodblock printing from a popular, “low” art form into a legitimate fine art form through innovations in subject, color and arrangement. . His ‘Waterfalls’ series, which he made in his sixties, is considered one of the best examples of landscape painting ever made. The artist’s preoccupation with the massive topographical elements and the power of the flowing water that overshadows the picnicking humanity around is most evident in the most famous piece of the series, “Amida Falls”.


The artisans at Jaeger-master LeCoultre had to not only miniaturize and mimic every element of the composition, but also create the illusion of a woodblock printing technique to capture the power of Hokusai’s original image and faithfully reproduce every detail on a precisely measured surface. three square centimeters, a little more than a tenth of the original. To do this, the enamel master had to develop a new technique that faithfully reproduces the bokashi effect of Hokusai’s original paper prints and preserves the artist’s signature use of vibrant blues and yellows. It is a precisely regulated, multi-stage technique that requires 70 hours of effort over several weeks and 12-15 consecutive firings at a temperature of 800 degrees Celsius.

A Fascinating DIAL
The Dauphine hands and faceted appliqué hour markers of this Reverso Tribute watch are the only embellishments on the dial, but their elegance shines through in the watch’s spare aesthetic. Complementing the small artwork on the case back, this dial features a guilloché lozenge pattern, the texture of which is enhanced by clear Grand Feu enamel in a striking shade of green.

Hand-applying a diamond pattern on a century-old lathe requires extreme accuracy and dexterity; for example, each of the sixty lines that make up the pattern requires three passes of the lathe while the dial plate is held at a precisely calculated angle. Six or more layers of translucent enamel are then added. After enameling is complete, the final challenge is to transfer the chemin de fer minute register and apply the indexes. The entire process of making the dial takes more than 40 hours.

The newest member of the Hokusai-inspired Reverso Tribute Enamel watch collection is the “Amida Falls” model.

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