MANSORY 830 Introduces Special Edition Ferrari SP2

If you have a high-end car that is part of a small production run or has been specially designed, the German company MANSORY can modify it exactly to your specifications.

Known as MANSORY Bespoke, this method of personalization is not tied to the product lines supplied by premium and luxury automotive manufacturers that are currently members of the MANSORY programme, and may even extend to “One-of-One”. model.

MANSORY Bespoke is also known as bespoke service. Individuality emerges from the customization of these four aspects of the environment: Structure, Tires, Engine and Interior come in that order. The extremely limited edition Ferrari SP2 formed the basis for the debut of this groundbreaking customization approach. MANSORY Bespoke has made a number of changes to this already popular car that have been requested by individual customers.

By MANSORY Bespoke, the exterior of the Ferrari SP2 has been updated to include a new front lip design that is responsible for the transformation. The makeover includes the addition of an all-new rear diffuser, as well as sharper sills. A carbon coating can be found on each of these body components. The customer requested the addition of a double black stripe across the hood and a black aerodynamic scoop on the driver’s side to provide visual contrast with the main ‘Rosso Corsa’ colour. The name “Rosso Corsa” refers to the color used to softly but effectively highlight the edges of the carbon sections.

A MANSORY modification was applied to the regular 6.5-liter V12 engine and the result was an increase in power and torque to an astonishing 830 horsepower and 740 Nm. This was accomplished by replacing the engine’s electronics, air intake system and exhaust system. The interior of the exhaust system’s tailpipes was painted red to complete this color scheme, as the dominant color pattern of the surrounding area is black and red.

The look of the Ferrari SP2 MANSORY Bespoke has been updated thanks to the fitting of a brand new set of finely tuned suspension components as well as a pair of attractive new wheels called the “YT.5 Air”. These newly designed, ultra-light forged wheels measuring 9.5 x 21 and 12 x 22 offer superior lateral dynamic performance when combined with high-performance tires in sizes 275/30 ZR21 (VA) and 335/25 ZR22 (HA).

The idea of asymmetry continues in the car in a similar way. The red color of the front passenger seat contrasts with the black color of the driver’s seat of the car. There are yellow seams running along the seams of each chair, though.



When to Start Packing for a Move: Moving day

Make sure you have what you need. Whether you’re driving down the street or flying to a new continent, make sure you have all the necessities for your transit.

Double-check your home for forgotten items. A final walk-through can ensure you don’t leave anything behind. Don’t forget the outdoors.

Review the paperwork. Carefully read the moving paperwork you’ll be signing, and double-check the moving fees to make sure everything is on the level.

Thank the movers. Prepare some refreshments for them, and keep cash on hand for a tip if you’re satisfied with their work. Common practice is to tip each mover $4-$5 for every hour they work.

Share your info. Give the truck driver your exact new address and phone number to ensure your stuff makes it to the right location.

Clean up. Now that the place is empty, leave it the way you’d want to find it as a new owner.

Say goodbye to your old home. Lock it up and bid it farewell. The time has come to set foot on the road to your new life! Snap some pics or take a video as tribute.

While many tasks are common for residential moves, certain aspects of your move may be unique and require a different approach. Personalize this moving timeline to make it work just right for you.

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