MANSORY’s Improved Mercedes-Maybach GLS Enjoyable

The Mercedes-Maybach GLS was developed by Stuttgart-based terrain specialist MANSORY. Nearly all vehicle body components are either made entirely of carbon or modified with carbon applications.

All carbon versions supplied by MANSORY’s comprehensive carbon range are available to customers. There are four different collections, including a total of ten unique designs. And each of these carbon versions is produced in-house using autoclaves and is accomplished with stunning manufacturing excellence.

The front fascia of the Mercedes-Maybach GLS was developed by MANSORY with an integrated front lip, LED daytime running lights, side fins and carbon air vents. The entire front grille, including its vertical bars, can be kept standard, blackened or carbonized upon request. A chrome bull bar can also be fitted on request.

The revised side skirts provide a perfect design on the sides. These modifications make the car appear significantly stronger, lower and taut at the same time. The side view is enhanced by carbon mirror caps.

The rear spoiler with diffuser is also made entirely of carbon and showcases the sports exhaust system’s two pairs of tailpipes and the third centrally located brake light. On request, a rear ram protector can also be installed.

In addition, MANSORY provides a performance boost for this Mercedes-Maybach. The engine refinement consists of a redesigned ECU for the engine management system, new turbochargers and a completely new sports exhaust system with high-performance catalytic converters. The luxury all-terrain vehicle has 820 horsepower and 980 Newton meters. The acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h is reduced to 4.4 seconds, while the maximum speed is increased to (limited) 300 km/h.
The car is equipped with brand new 10 x 24 inch glossy black forged “V.6” wheels with a glossy black finish. This lightweight forged wheel is qualified not only for increased speeds, but also for high wheel loads, thanks to its unique aluminum alloys. The interior is reupholstered in leather and boasts a new leather-carbon sports steering wheel, carbon inserts and 3D-embossed leather inserts on the seats and doors, and precision-crafted MANSORY lettering on the seat surfaces and floor mats.

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