The World’s First Purely Electric Hyper GT Battista is Produced in Cambiano, Italy

Production of the Battista, the first all-electric Hyper GT, has begun at a brand new Atelier in Cambiano, Italy. This building in Piedmont, Italy, represents a turning point in the history of Automobili Pininfarina, an emerging Italian luxury automaker.

Only 150 of the award-winning Battista will be produced in the 2,300-square-metre factory, where a team of expert artisans currently works. Battista owners can count on first-class service from the company’s expert staff of Customer Relationships and the 25 experienced luxury partners that make up Automobili Pininfarina’s worldwide retail network.

When asked about putting the award-winning Battista into production, Per Svantesson, CEO of Automobili Pininfarina, said: “I am honored to lead the team responsible for doing this.” Since the company’s founding in 2018, 118 experts from 20 countries have attended Automobili Pininfarina in Rome, Italy. We have a growing “family” of designers, engineers and vehicle development specialists in Munich and Northern Italy, and they design revolutionary new cars every day.

This excellent family has recently overcame tremendous hurdles with a laser focus on delivering outstanding service to Battista owners. Scheduled to debut in showrooms this year, the Battista is a masterpiece of technique and design that promises to make its owners’ lives simpler and more enjoyable.

There are fourteen unique sections within the Battista Workshop, each dedicated to a specific manufacturing or quality control component. Battista’s small fittings are created using existing technology, such as Atelier’s various brand new, custom mounts, and more traditional techniques and tools, such as repurposed, ultra-precision pneumatic screwdrivers. While each pure electric super GT takes ten weeks to build, the Battista Anniversario needs an extra eighteen weeks due to its meticulously hand-painted finish. Battistas are handmade by a group of ten skilled artisans over the course of approximately 1,250 hours. The Battista Anniversario’s extraordinary components and finish increase this to an unmatched 1340 hours. The Battista’s electric motor, T-shaped battery, carbon fiber monocoque and electrical equipment enter the first zone for inspection against the stringent requirements of Automobili Pininfarina.

Putting the Primed White Body on the monocoque is the first step in giving the vehicle its final shape. The ‘Goccia’ roof gives the Battista cabin rigidity and rigidity. The facility’s main measuring area has been essential for the successful production of one-of-a-kind cars over the past two decades, and a two-day procedure is used to measure and record each dimension with the best tolerances. The next step is to separate the body from the chassis and send it to the paint facility. In most cases, plan to spend three to four weeks painting.

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