The 345-Foot reconnaissance yacht has a range of 8,000 miles.

Transoceanic explorer SeaXplorer 105 has a luxurious interior and carries two helicopters, five tenders and a submarine.
Damen Yachting’s SeaXplorer 105 is a combination of comfort, size and serious exploration features designed in an arctic grade hull. The AMELS division used client feedback to create this new 345-metre concept, partnering with Azure Yacht Design and EYOS expeditions for the finer details. This latest in the SeaXplorer series – which includes the 90-, 95- and 100-foot sister ships – has a volume of more than 62,000 square feet across eight decks.

Size matters in this new Damen: It has two owner’s rooms and accommodation for 24 guests, a storage garage for two twin-engine helicopters, five tender spaces, and an 8,000-mile range to traverse the Pacific without refueling. The new design also includes garage space for a submarine.

The focus of the 105’s exterior is to maximize time spent outdoors, with a watersports center and scuba deck, as well as a dedicated water-level embarkation point for instant access to the ocean.
The 3,229-square-foot helideck also does double duty for large social gatherings at the port, or even works as a tennis court or semi-basketball court for pick-up games at the end of the world. Airtight double hangar with underdecks, hydraulic lift system protects both aircraft from the elements.

Designers focused on multitasking areas such as the helideck and transom. The back of the boat has not only a large swimming platform, but also an open bar area with an upstairs lounge.

Inside, the 105 is all about comfort. In keeping with their fraternity, the designers included a forward Observation Lounge with an outside bow deck, but measuring 1,324 square feet so groups could get together to enjoy the exceptional views in the evening after diving or heli-skiing. The open layout, surrounded by windows on all sides, features a bar and multimedia centre. The 3,000-square-foot indoor spa is full-featured with a gym with foldable terrace, jacuzzi, steam room, massage area, hairdresser and beauty parlor. The 26-foot-long indoor pool is heated.
Hybrid diesel-electric drive bays are designed to minimize emissions.
“The SeaXplorer 105 is a full blown design,” says Enrique Tintore, SeaXplorer design manager. “However, the scope of customer customization is huge – it’s an important part of our offering throughout the design process.”

when you planing to move your new home in Calgary, call us for the special rates immediately.

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When to Start Packing for a Move:

Two days before moving day

Finish packing. Get everything in boxes except the few items you can’t do without for a couple of days and the cleaning supplies you’ll need before moving out.

Defrost and clean your fridge. Get all your household appliances ready to move — empty them, clean them and make sure they’re fully dry and safely wrapped for transportation.

Secure your valuables. Confirm that you have all valuables and important documents with you for moving day.

When to Start Packing for a Move: Moving day

Make sure you have what you need. Whether you’re driving down the street or flying to a new continent, make sure you have all the necessities for your transit.

Double-check your home for forgotten items. A final walk-through can ensure you don’t leave anything behind. Don’t forget the outdoors.

Review the paperwork. Carefully read the moving paperwork you’ll be signing, and double-check the moving fees to make sure everything is on the level.

Thank the movers. Prepare some refreshments for them, and keep cash on hand for a tip if you’re satisfied with their work. Common practice is to tip each mover $4-$5 for every hour they work.

Share your info. Give the truck driver your exact new address and phone number to ensure your stuff makes it to the right location.

Clean up. Now that the place is empty, leave it the way you’d want to find it as a new owner.

Say goodbye to your old home. Lock it up and bid it farewell. The time has come to set foot on the road to your new life! Snap some pics or take a video as tribute.

While many tasks are common for residential moves, certain aspects of your move may be unique and require a different approach. Personalize this moving timeline to make it work just right for you.


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