Italian Company Introduces ISA Gran Turismo 45 Luxury Superyacht

In 2022, the ISA GT 45 M/Y Aria SF will be shown at boat shows in Cannes and Monaco.

The 45-metre ISA GT 45 M/Y Aria SF was launched at the ISA Yachts shipyard in Ancona, Italy, a brand of Palumbo Superyachts. It has a hard fin-shaped top and clean, athletic lines on the outside. The plumb bow features side arches connecting the three decks that have been the shipyard’s signature for the past 20 years.

The yacht’s naval architecture was designed by experts at Palumbo Superyachts, while the exterior and interior were created by Team for Design – Enrico Gobbi and Luca Dini Design & Architecture, respectively.

The five spacious cabins on the M/Y Aria SF can accommodate a total of 10 passengers. Below deck there are two VIP suites and two double cabins with twin beds that convert into double beds with a sliding mechanism. The foredeck of the main deck is home to the host’s suite, which has a living area with sofa and television in the entrance/lounge area. The full beam cabin, illuminated by a skylight, is equipped with walk-in closet, shower bath and a private deck on the starboard side of the ship. A unique feature are the special stairs leading to the garden.

The material behind the beds has been developed by the owner to include effective resin curtains, abstract references to water, wind, sand, rocks, corals and speed elements. Although it is custom wallpaper, all bathrooms and interior stairs have the same wall covering. Glas Italia’s Crystal Lounge crystal structure sofas combine with Minotti’s Freeman Quilt in the main living area.

Ten space settings are spread over a red lacquered, formal dining table aligned vertically with a skylight in the ceiling. From the upper deck at the rear, you can enter through a circular window that opens a full 180 degrees, giving you unlimited access to the outside world.

A large telescope is located at the bow, while a fully equipped outdoor gym is located on the deck.

The back door of the beach club is made entirely of carbon. It’s a one-of-a-kind sculpture with a special texture, like the pool behind the main deck, and has a glass section that lets light into the beach club below. A carbon insert was added to the front end of the fuselage to accentuate its forward motion and the energy of the line. Tecno Tessile Adler produced all carbon parts.

The captain has his own cabin on the upper deck, while the other six crew members have their own cabins in three double cabins below deck.

The ISA GT 45 can reach a maximum speed of 16 knots and a cruising speed of 14.5 knots thanks to two 1300 horsepower CAT C32 ACERT engines. On the lower deck is a carport opening to starboard, where the 5-metre boat can be stored. The bow houses a hangar for two jet skis and a rescue boat, all accessed by a hydraulic winch.

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