When to Start Packing for a Move


Eight weeks before moving day

It may seem like you’ve still got plenty of time, but most moving companies suggest you start planning and organizing at least six weeks prior to your move. We’re calling it eight, because getting a head start on moving all your worldly belongings to a new place can be stressful. Efficient planning can help alleviate that stress.

Book your flight(s). If you’re flying to your new city and haven’t booked your flight, stop everything and do that. In these times, travel-savvy advisors suggest booking domestic flights anywhere from one to four months in advance. International flights have a longer window, but you’re advised to start your search up to six months ahead of time.

Take an inventory of your belongings. Once you have a clear idea of everything you own, decide what to take to your new home and what to sell, donate or discard.

Get the measurements for your new place. Measure for furniture and appliances so you’ll know what fits and what doesn’t.

Review your finances and set a moving budget. When you know what you can afford, you can plan your next steps accordingly. Research your moving options. Do you want to move on your own, or would you rather use a professional moving service?

Contact a few trustworthy movers. Consider getting at least three estimates for your moving costs. If you’ve decided on a DIY move, contact several truck rental companies and compare their rates and conditions. If you’re moving at a peak time, like at the end of a month in middle-to-late spring or in the summer, start these processes as soon as possible.

Request time off from work. If necessary (and possible), request off from work in advance so you can focus on the biggest parts of the process. Just like with most projects, moving may take more time than you first estimate.

Gently prepare any children. If you’re moving with kids, read more about how to lessen their stress and execute a smoother moving process.

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